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UCSD Medical Center in San Diego, California, offers a 12-month certificate program in Nuclear Medicine Technology.
 The Nuclear Medicine Program will provide students with an exceptional education that includes:
 An Introduction to numerous diagnostic and therapeutic Nuclear Medicine procedures.
 A wide range of diagnostic Nuclear Medicine equipment.
 A diverse patient population to include both inpatients and outpatients. You will be exposed to a wide range of illnesses and pathology.
 An excellent student to faculty ratio. You will work directly with highly skilled technologists and medical staff throughout the program to provide direction, knowledge and skills.
 The UCSD Nuclear Medicine Technology program begins every July and runs through June and provides high quality didactic and clinical education to create well qualified Nuclear Medicine Technologists.

Students spend the first 14 weeks in didactic portion of the program in which time they receive didactic information on the theory of nuclear medicine.

Didactic Courses
Department organization and function- 4 hours
Medical Ethics- 4 hours
Math- 24 hours
Anatomy and Physiology- 36 hours
Physics- 24 hours
Medical terminology- 20 hours
Radiation physics-12 hours
Nuclear medicine physics- 12 hours
Statistics- 12 hours
Radiation safety and protection- 24 hours
General chemistry- 8 hours
Radio nuclide Chemistry- 8 hours
Radio Pharmacy- 8 hours
Nuclear Instrumentation- 16 hours
QC lab- 16 hours
Radiation Biology- 12 hours
Nursing skills- 8 hours
Lab ordering receiving and packing, Wipe Testing- 4 hours
Computers- 8 hours
Cardiac stress testing- 8 hours
Cardiac stress testing lab- 4 hours
Radioactive Waste Handling Techniques Lab- 4 hours
Radio Nuclide Therapy- 4 hours
Collimator Sensitivity resolution lab- 4 hours
In Vivo procedures- 52 hours
Survey Instruments calibration Lab- 2 hours
Gamma Ray Spectrometry- 2 hours
Nuclear generators and dose calibration- 2 hours
PET theory- 4 hours
PET lab- 8 hours
In Vitro procedures- 4 hours
In Vitro lab- 4 hours

Clinical Rotations
Following this portion clinical rotations begin. Students will have over 1400 hours of clinical rotations at various sites in the San Diego area to gain the necessary skills to function in all aspects of Nuclear Medicine.

Ability to bend, kneel and squat
Full use of both arms, hands and fingers
Push and pull a 200-250 lb. Nuclear Medicine machine
Ability to work standing greater than 75% of the time
Assist patients by lifting and helping on and off tables
Effectively communicate with patients and relatives
Effectively communicate with Nuclear Medicine Technologists and Radiologists

You are expected to arrive on time and attend all scheduled ides and clinical rotations unless you have an approved absence.
You must conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times.
You must adhere to all policies regarding the program and all policies required by each hospital clinical affiliate.
You must maintain a minimum grade of 70% at all times throughout the program.

Students who complete the Nuclear Medicine Technology Program receive a certificate of completion and are eligible for California registration as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, and are eligible to take both national certification exams offered to Nuclear Medicine Technologists.

The annual tuition for the 12-month Nuclear Medicine Technology program is $8,000.00. Textbooks cost an additional $300.00 (approx). Some financial aid and loans are available please contact the program for details.

You are responsible for your own certification examinations, all living expenses, parking fees and health insurance.

The applicants must meet one of the following requirements:
a.  Be a graduate of an accredited radiological technology program.
b.  Be an ARRT‑registered radiological technologist.
c.  Be an ASCP‑certified medical technologist.
d.  Be a registered nurse, with at least two years of college credit
(minimum degree: Associate degree in Science).
e.  Have a baccalaureate degree.
f. Have an associate degree in a health science related field.
Subject requirements:
Freshman English

Mathematics. Two years mathematics, including algebra (excluding basic arithmetic and business math), with grades of B or better.

General physics with laboratory, complete sequence (highly recommended)

Human anatomy and physiology with laboratory, complete sequence (highly recommended)

General chemistry with laboratory, complete sequence (highly recommended)

If the curriculum in your Allied Health Program or high school did not include courses in Algebra, physics and anatomy you will need to show that you have successfully completed them elsewhere.
If you have any questions concerning your eligibility or academic background, please call the Nuclear Medicine Program at (619)543-1986.


Application packets are available these need to be submitted by January 31st prior to the start of the program.
Six students are accepted for the UCSD Medical Center Nuclear Medicine Program on a competitive basis each year. ides begin in July.

To apply to the program you need to submit an application packet which includes:
A completed UCSD Medical Center Nuclear Medicine Program application form.
Official transcripts of all high school, college, allied health and or university credits. 3 professional letter of recommendation

Your application and all supporting documentation must be received by January 31st of the academic year before you wish to begin ides. Interviews will take place in March, with notification of acceptance in April.

If you are considered for an appointment, you will be asked to visit UCSD Medical Center for a personal interview with the Program Director and selected faculty. Appointment letters are mailed in April. A reply is expected within two to three weeks.

You must meet all the physical requirements in this brochure. You must also successfully complete a general physical examination before you begin the program. A physical examination form will be mailed to you with your letter of appointment. The completed physical form and CPR certification must be received by May 1st.

If you need further information about the UCSD nuclear Medicine Technology program or an application packet please contact:

Adrienne Jones, CNMT
Clinical Coordinator 
UCSD Nuclear Medicine Technology Program
200 W. Arbor Drive
San Diego, Ca 92103
(619) 543-1986

Send questions, comments, and suggestions regarding the Radiology Science Programs to: gyoshitake@ucsd.edu.
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